International Business - Bachelor


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Welcome to the International Business (Bachelor) Homepage at HTW Berlin. This page is dedicated to explain the details of the BIB program and the formal requirements during application and studying. The seven semester full-time Bachelor’s course (Bachelor of International Business) gives students an opportunity to develop competences in business administration and imparts them with the ability to think on an international scale. It prepares them for executive positions in internationally active corporations or small and medium-sized firms. The program includes a 19-week internship abroad and a 9-week Thesis writing period. All classes in the BIB program are taught entirely in English. Attendance at all the lectures and seminars of this stage is compulsory.

The business world - A fascinating object of study

The business world of today is defined by the interaction of a variety of international players drawn from all the regions of the world. Preparation for a career in this new, global environment entails a familiarity with and understanding of the interactions in this complex atmosphere. Studying at HTW Berlin provides the very skills and knowledge necessary to launch a career in international business.

Internationality and practice-orientation - The perfect career preparation

A Bachelor’s Degree in International Business at HTW Berlin provides training in the key skills necessary to work in business administration and teaches an ability to think on an international scale. Students of the seven semester course learn how to analyze and solve problems in subject areas such as corporate finance and controlling; project, innovation and information management; marketing and statistics. Successful students are qualified for a range of occupations in an internationally active corporation. Special attention is accorded to the specific structures of the European Union as well as the emerging areas of the business world including Asia and South-America.