Bloomberg Lab


In room A 215 (Campus Treskowallee) we provide a total of eight Bloomberg terminals for our students and the teaching staff. The opening hours correspond to the opening hours of the campus 

You will find one additional terminal in each of the library reading rooms 1 and 2 on our campus. Reading room hours apply here


Login and User Guide

Start the PC with your normal HTW login data. Then please double click on the green Bloomberg icon. Once the application has opened, press "Enter" and the login menu will appear. We recommend to create your own login. To do so, click on "Create New Login" or "Neuen Login erstellen" (at the bottom of the page). You can find an instruction manual here


BMC (Bloomberg Market Concepts)-Certificate

If the certificate is an exam requirement in a module you are taking, your teacher will provide you with instructions on how to register or enroll. In addition, all HTW students and lecturers have the opportunity to complete the e-learning course on Introduction to Financial Markets and obtain the certificate. To do so, enter "BMC" in the command line after logging in. Good luck!



During the current Corona-related closure of the lab, students who need data from the Bloomberg terminal for their bachelor's or master's theses can get access during an individually arranged time window. Please direct requests to  Mr. Stephan Niesner.

In addition, it is currently possible to connect to the terminal via your own web browser. If you already have a terminal login at Bloomberg, please connect with this login (not the HTW email address) via the following website: Under "Launch" please select the option "Launch within the browser".

If you do not already have your own Bloomberg terminal login, please register here using your HTW email address: After registration, please contact Mr. Stephan Niesnervia your HTW email address and mention the study program, the responsible instructor and the course. After a check your login will be activated.


Important Notes and Guidelines for the Remote Access

HTW Berlin has a finite number of Bloomberg licenses, and only one user can log into Bloomberg remotely per license. Students and teachers are therefore limited in the number of simultaneous Bloomberg logins. If you receive a message that “Another Bloomberg user is already logged in with this terminal subscription”, we ask that you please be respectful and refrain from forcing other users to log off.

If you find yourself randomly kicked out of Bloomberg, this is because another user chose to end your session in order to utilize the license you were allocated. To avoid this situation, we ask that everyone practices respect for fellow users when logging into Bloomberg remotely. As such, please reduce the login times to the minimum. HTW Berlin has no oversight to how Bloomberg remote access works. Other than account authorization, we can therefore not offer any support for Bloomberg account or access issues that users have.

HTW Berlin will monitor and review the remote access service and may decide to discontinue it with advance notice.