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Which English courses are suitable for BIB students?

As part of the degree programme, students are offered special advanced-level English courses.  These English courses are not mandatory for BIB students but specially designed for BIB Students.  

What does the semester fee cover?

The semester fee covers your student ID card, the semester ticket for public transport in Berlin, a contribution to the central student union (ASTA) and student services as well as administrative fees. 

How much money should I plan per month?

Per month you will need approximately €600-850 for living expenses, including rent. Information on grants and student jobs can be found on the main website of HTW Berlin. You will also find information on accommodation there.

Who can help me with organising my degree?

The International Office provides support and advice for international students in the following main areas:

  • Financing and funding
  • Living in Berlin and Germany
  • Organising studies
  • Legal matters for international students
  • Personal problems and hardship

The International Office also organises introductory events both shortly before and after the beginning of the semester.

Can I take a semester of leave?

You can take leave for one semester or a maximum of two semesters in a row. Fill out an application and submit it to the Student Services Centre. You should have a good reason for taking leave, for example voluntary service, illness or pregnancy.

Can I register for a course if registration via the LSF portal has already been closed?

If you have not registered for a course via the LSF portal by the stipulated date, the lecturer can decide whether to allow you to be admitted to the course. Fill out a form and ask the lecturer to give approval by signing it.  

I have a question regarding examination topics. Who can I ask?

Send your question to the Examination Board for the degree programme.