Study regulations 09/19

Practical Experience Abroad - Duration of Internship

In the 6th semester you are scheduled to omplete an internship abroad lasting at least 85 working days /approx. 17weeks. 

Further information can be found in Annex 6 of the Study Regulations 09/19

Internship Application Process

At least three weeks before starting your internship, you will need to submit the following documents to the programme coordinator, Nicole Biehl:

Internship application [PDF] original document  (the original will be returned to you so you can let the company sign it after you are done with your internship)

  • Internship contract [PDF] original document – the original will be returned to you
  • Written certificate from the company (One Pager with stamp and signature) stating the duration of the internship, the weekly hours of work and task description (if you are using the  HTW Contract).
  • current Transcript of Records (available on LSF) proving 84 ECTS from Semester 1-3!.

Accreditation of Internship

For your internship to be accredited, please present the following documents via email to your Internship Supervisor not later than 6 weeks after the completion of your internship:

  • Original Internship application both pages (with the Signature of HTW) signed and stamped by the company
  • Internship testimonial (Internship Certificate, Letter of Recommendation) from the Company
  • Cover page of your Internship Report signed by all relevant parties
  • Internship Report